This rule applies as long as the player plays RF Online Asyura, when the player enters the game, they agree to this rule, and there are three levels of punishment to this rule if you break the rule.

Three levels of punishment:

  1. Level 1 Punishment: 3 hours or up to 3 days banned account depends on the Owner’s or Admin’s judgement.
  2. Level 2 Punishment: 3 days up to 1 month banned account depends on the Owner’s or Admin’s judgement.
  3. Level 3 Punishment: Permanent banned account.


  1. Prohibited from promoting Other RF in the RF Asyura game. (Level 3 Punishment)
  2. Do not use all types of bugs that are in the game. (Level 2 Punishment)
  3. Using illegal (third-party) programs / software is prohibited in the game. (Level 3 Punishment)
  4. It is forbidden to provoke someone or the community in the game. (Level 1 Punishment)
  5. Do not cheat or threaten other players or game masters in the game. (Level 3 Punishment)
  6. Do not insult certain ethnicities, religions, and races. (Level 3 Punishment)
  7. For Race Leader's and Race Council's are not permitted to use armor 66 or 70(beta,delta,epsilon. (Level 1 Punishment)
  8. For Spec Job is not permitted to carry Siege Kit. (Level 1 Punishment)
  9. It is forbidden to misuse the position of Race Leader's and Race Council's for personal needs or other things that could endanger the game and other players. (Level 1 - 3 Punishment)
  10. Doing healing, buffs, debuff's is prohibited in the safe zone. (Level 1 Punishment)
  11. Discussing sensitive topics in the game and in the community is prohibited. (Level 1 Punishment)
  12. Committing fraud of any kind and sharing fake in-game news is strictly prohibited. (Level 1 - 3 Punishment)
  13. Username, nickname must not contain elements that provoke debate and riots in the game. (Level 1 - 3 Punishment)
  14. New Rules BlindSpot Tower in CraigMine CM ( ngumpet dekat tower CM )  . (Level 1 - 3 Punishment)
  15. New Rules Max Login 3 account , more than 3 accounts (Level 1 - 3 Punishment)
  16. New Rules, Dont Using Tower At Map CM above hsk (north door) (Level 1 - 3 Punishment)
  17. New Rules, Character not revive 5minutes always stuck (Level 1 - 3 Punishment)


  • For Race Leader's and Race Council's must attend and join the war at least twice a day, if breaking the account will be suspended with level 1 - 2 punishment
  • Please contact us if anyone breaks the rules.
  • Council READ !! KLIK