File Name Description Updated Size Links
Asyura [CCR ] 20-012021 ] Patch CCR No Skin Jan 22nd 2021 111MB MEDIAFIRE
Asyura [Remested ] 20-01-2021 ] Patch Remasted Skin Jan 22nd 2021 147MB MEDIAFIRE
Asyura [RED ] 20-01-2021 ] Patch RED Skin Jan 22nd 2021 134.14MB MEDIAFIRE
RFOnline_GoldenMystery.rar Full Client Installer [Golden Mystery] Jan 23rd 2021 2GB GOOGLE DRIVE


If you have already installed the Golden Mystery RF client before, all you have to do is download the Full Patch by selecting one of the Full Patch links above, don't download the two Full Patches above, but if you haven't installed the Golden Mystery RF client, here's how to install the RF Asyura below.



How to Install RF Asyura:

  1. Signup account for your ID RF Asyura first in our GameCP with click GameCP button in the homepage.
  2. Download and install Cllient RF [Golden Mystery] from link Full Client Installer [Golden Mystery] above.
  3. After installed, download and extract Full Patch RF Asyura to Full Client Installer [Golden Mystery] folder.
  4. Double click the application ASYURARF(NEW20-01-2021) ( for PH / for out outside player ) 
  5. Login with your new ID and Password RF Asyura.
  6. If you got error when extracting the file, like error file corrupted, and etc. Try this application 7zip to extract the file.
  7. Before you download the file Full Patch and running the launcher application ASYURARF(NEW20-01-2021) to play the game, we recomended to disable your antivirus in your computer first.
  8. For the RF Asyura launcher with the name ASYURARF(NEW20-01-2021) work all connection
  9. For the Asyura Launcher normal, for who player do not experience lagging while playing the game.